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Eevee Chat Room

Page history last edited by Mii Justin 13 years, 2 months ago

Chat Rules:

1. No impersonation (Do not pretend to be someone else)

2. No swearing

3. No threating or cussing

4. No discouraging Eevees

5. Do not give out personal information

Breaking of these rules will be resulted in Kick(Logs you off) 3 times and after those 3 times you will be Banned for 24 hours... STRAIGHT! So the time you got banned is the time you can come back on the next day... Continue to break the rules will be a Ban for 24 hours 2 more time, If you do not stop you will be Banned forever... Only Owners can ban Forever, Mods can Ban for 6 hours... Have Fun!

~Eevwottachu / Awesome_Eevee_Owner


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Comments (1)

Mii Justin said

at 3:49 pm on Jan 22, 2011

Hey, Yeah, it's Me, the Owner, My friend at school tried to impersonate me as "Owner"... So to let you know, my chat name is: Awesome_Eevee_Owner
With a Pokeball in the Front and Back of the name, to do the Pokeball Emotion on chat just type in this, including the ( ): (pball)

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