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Eevee Care room; Item request

Page history last edited by Mii Justin 13 years, 3 months ago


Welcome to the Eevee care room, I will be your server... you need CP (Care Points) to but Great items here! How to get CP you ask? Get a picture of an Eevee or any of Eevee's evolutions and your O.T. and send it to me! You get Care points based on: Ribbons won, pokealthon badges, and level : you earn CP from these... SO don't leave any of those out of the pictures you send me... REMEMBER, YOU CAN NOT SEND THE SAME PICTURES! I SAVE EACH PICTURE SENT TO ME TO BE SURE THERE ARE NO CHEATERS!


So, what to you want?


Remember EDITED: I've been thinking and if I just kept giving things away without taking away CP I would run out quickly! So, from here on now, You lose CP for purchasing items!

Everstone, Free to askers if any in stock  TM 45 Attract, 65 CP, and Show me at least 1 Female Eevee             
Potion, 5 CP  TM 49 Snatch, 70 CP and have a Glaceon or Leafeon            
Mystery Egg, 20 CP and Pokemon you were planing to release No other Items for sale... NEW ITEMS coming soon!             
Oran Berry, 2 CP but Rarely in stock               
Nugget, 50 CP and your pokemon must have 1 Power pokealthon Badge               
Escape Rope, 10 CP               
Energy Root, 50 CP and pokemon must of at least 1 of each pokealthon badges               
Pokeball, Show me 5 eevees and 5 CP (for only 1 pokeball)               


This Years 1 of a kind Only Special!  :  Eevee Egg (Only 1 in stock for sale, sold once a year!) 

 Eevee's Secrets:

Eevee has been doing reports on his friends, stealing my Pokedex to look at things and by Joe he found somethin'!

Unlockable: Shedninja 

How: Have one extra slot in your pokemon party and have at least 1 extra pokeball, train nincada to Lv.20 then let it evolve, it should evolve into Ninjask, but then again, check your pokemon party! You'll find Shedninja! Every Shedninja only has 1HP, no matter what level... Hope This Helps!


~Help from: Justin, my Trainer, cuz I can't type and he didn't take his Pokedex back while I was doing my Research. 

Unlockable: Pokemon SS/HG

Where is Nincada? 

Did you try the first unlockable yet? ... Oh, you can't find Nincada? ... No problem, last time I was in a bug catching contest with my trainer, Justin, we came across a lot of Nincada... Every time I attacked it never knew I was coming! I checked my trainers pokedex, but it didn't help... A month later we came across Pokemon Master Red! I tried to ask Red if I could see his Pokedex, I guess he doesn't speak Eevee... So I took Red's Pokedex, My trainer and Red chesed after me... I found a safe spot to check it, Red's pokedex was old! THEN I FOUND WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR! I was reading Nincada's entry, it said some things then it said that since nincada lives in the ground it was almost Blind! Well, Sorry to take up so much time, Keep catching Eevee!


P.S. I found a stick to put in my mouth to type with! Yay!



Special Items:

I have yet again to recover my Pokemon Platinum game! So for which I give out MasterBalls! Good Luck earning the Points!


Master Ball - Collect 1,000 CP and have a Lv.50 Eevee(or higher) and you can receive 1 of my master balls out of the 800 I have! GOOD LUCK!



Comments (2)

Mii Justin said

at 5:40 pm on Jan 16, 2011

To request Items you need to be a Member to leave a Comment, Email me so I get your Email to make you a member... My email is: icethepuffle@yahoo.com

Mii Justin said

at 6:16 pm on Jan 16, 2011

Also, If you want the Item and are Able to receive the Item catch a Pokemon you don't want to keep and I will do the same, and I'll attach the Item, and we trade over WFC (Wi-Fi- Connection) in the Basement of the Pokemon Center... The lady in the middle of course...

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